KAMA2 tickets

PRESALE (until 14.03.17):
Theatre 17.03.17                                               15€/ Member* 10€     NB Only in Estonian!

Day ticket 18.03.17                                           25€/Member* 20€      NB Some events only in Estonian!
Only films 18.03.17 (17:00-18:45)                   7€ for everyone        International
Concerts 18.03.17 (from 20:30 Uhr)           15€/Member* 10€      International

“Kombi-Ticket” 17.-18.03.17                         37€/Member* 27€     NB Some events only in Estonian!

Theatre, 17.03.17                                              20€/Member* 15€     NB Only in Estonian!

Day ticket, 18.03.17                                          30€/Member* 25€    NB Some events only in Estonian!
Only films 18.03.17 (17:00-18:45)                  7€ for everyone       International
Concerts 18.03.17 (from 20:30 Uhr)           20€/Member* 15€     International

“Kombi-Ticket” 17.-18.03.17                         45€/Member* 35€    NB Some events only in Estonian!

* Member of KAMA (Society for Estonian Culture in Berlin)

Sponsor-Ticket (presale and general sale): 60€ or 100€
Provides admission to all events on both days, as well as supports KAMA2

If you become the member of the Society for Estonian Culture in Berlin, you will help us create all these great events and at the same time you will get a discount. You can send your application for membership together with your presale registration at eestikultuuriselts@gmail.com

Presale takes place until 14 March. Your ticket is valid after you have made the payment to our bank account. The presale tickets will be available at the box office on the day of the event.

Bank information:
Estnischer Kulturverein in Berlin e.V.
IBAN: DE15 1204 0000 0101 1485 00
Reference:  Name(s) of the Visitor(s) + Ticket Type (z. B. Max Mustermann + Day ticket)

More information: eestikultuuriselts@gmail.com.
Facebook-Event you find here.

Please note that changes may occur.